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This month at the Sunshine Book Club, we’ll be reading Elnathan John’s “Born On A Tuesday”.

The book was published in 2015 by Cassava Republic.

Here’s a breakdown of the book:

Dantala lives in Bayan Layi, Nigeria and studies in a Sufi Quranic school. By chance he meets gang leader Banda, a nominal Muslim. Dantala is thrust into a world with fluid rules and casual violence. In the aftermath of presidential elections he runs away and ends up living in a Salafi mosque. Slowly and through the hurdles of adolescence, he embraces Salafism as preached by his new benefactor, Sheikh Jamal. Dantala falls in love with Sheikh’s daughter, Aisha, and tries to court her within the acceptable limits of a conservative setting. All the while, Sheikh struggles to deal with growing jihadist extremism within his own ranks.

This novel explores life, love, friendship, loss and the effects of extremist politics and religion on everyday life in Northern Nigeria.

Born On A Tuesday

John is a Nigerian writer based in the Federal Capital, Abuja.

“Born On A Tuesday” is available in the following book shops in Lagos Nigeria:

Terra Kulture


Online (Nigeria):



Online (International):


Barnes & Noble

The Sunshine Book Club will be meeting at the end of the month. Details to be posted soon.

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  1. You finally started it! Well don Re.

  2. Will get the book on Amazon. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I’d really like to come to the meeting. Please let me know when it is.

  4. Read it already. It’s a really great book.

  5. Got it this weekend. Can’t wait to start reading.

  6. Hi, my name is ada will love to join thr sunshine book club

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