#MorningRé: How I energize my mind Inspiration / Ré's Guide To Self Love

One of the best habits I picked up in 2015 was meditation. 

I start my morning at 5:30AM, drink a glass of water and go sit under my orange tree or find a quiet place in my home and I pray and dream.

After my meditation, I set goals I want to achieve for the day and I also pick a mantra I think over as I set out on my course.

If you’ve followed me on Twitter, you would have noticed that I update my social media handles daily with an inspirational quote every morning.

I find that these quotes are also a source of energy for me and so I’ve decided to share them with you too.

Enjoy. (I’ll be updating this daily, so check bookmark this page).

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  1. Nice!

  2. I find that meditation always gets me off on the right foot in the morning. Better than coffee.

  3. Nice quotes!

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