Keepers of the sun


Princess Irede Abumere

Aka: Ré

Twitter: @PrincessIre

Bio: A Swiss born Nigerian girl with the heart of a Camerounian. She is a Mongo ma Ndemi native on this journey called life. Princess’s goal in life is to change the world through kindness. She is a freelance multimedia journalist with a passion for storytelling.


David U. Ole


Aka: DUO

Twitter: @iamdavidole

Bio: David is on a mission to reach and help people connect the dots, and increase their chances of success. He’s passionate about developing and spreading positive ideas for human advancement, which is expressed through his work as a Strategist, Facilitator, Writer, Curator and Public Speaker. He’s also a Digital native, Brand fanatic, + Art & Polo lover…and above all…friend.


Adeyosoye Adegboyega


Aka: Deyo

Twitter: @ad340soye

Bio: Creative brand executive with a special interest in digital media, Advertising, Pop-Culture, Health + Fitness, Music, Food, Volunteering. He wants to be a nominee at the cannes award with my team! His favourite colour is PINK!