The year of Self Love Life / Lifestyle

Happy new year folks! Made any new year resolutions yet? I know some of you are probably pissed at the whole new year = new me routine. Let’s be honest what better time of the year is there to reinvent oneself? It’s the fifth day of the year and I’ve been asking myself what I’d like to achieve/change/do this year. Still thinking. It’ll come to...

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A handful of nuts, could stop you from  going nuts Food / Life / Lifestyle During the course of my busy schedule there is always the need to fuel my 6ft frame with some energy to keep me going, I am always that guy walking round from table to table asking if anyone has anything else to snack on, this way I ended up putting a lot of junk food into my body which really isn’t a healthy thing...

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Say NO to slowMO Life / Lifestyle

Men are dangerous. This is not exactly a friendly way to start an article and even worse, one written by a fellow “brother” (you’re probably about to go back to the beginning to check my name.

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